We buy and convert empty offices into homes for people!

Vision and Aims

‘There is 2.2 million square feet of unused office space in Bristol alone’

Developers convert these to high profit luxury or student flats which do nothing to ease housing need. Many of these buildings are easy to convert to affordable living units and enable living communities to flourish.

Our Vision:

  • Land and property for people, not profit
  • Accessible housing for all
  • Residents are enabled to create and maintain a community of their own.

Our Aims:

  • To purchase a variety of empty office and commercial spaces and turn them into homes and other community spaces such as workshops and social venues.
  • To offer long-term secure tenancies at guaranteed affordable prices.
  • To renovate buildings into efficient, adaptable spaces which can meet people’s needs now and into the future.
  • To involve tenants in developing their new homes, both via input and by hands-on contributions.
  • To assist tenants in becoming successful housing co-operatives or other tenant groups which can manage the building they live in.
  • To learn from projects elsewhere and to share our learning widely.
  • To create a successful community-led model which can be replicated nationwide.

Target - £900k
Actual - £628k

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"The housing crisis is an accelerating human disaster. It is creating exploitative landlords, overcrowding and poor-quality homes."
– Observer,
14 March 2015
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