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The launch!

Our building nears completion, so it’s time to give it a launch. We’ll be doing that next week – when there will be a ribbon cutting and some words at the site at Battens Lane and, we hope, photos and some press coverage to link with our latest fund drive (see previous post).

That’s a small affair, because the site isn’t fit for a crowd. As some know, we were planning to follow it with an evening event to make it a larger celebration – at City Hall on the same day (Dec 14th).

However, lots of people are already committed in the week before Christmas. And we’d very much like to have the chance to thank all our investors, donors, supporters, helpers, contractors and advisers – everyone who has helped us get this far.

So, with apologies, we have decided it’s best to put the sparklier event off until the New Year. AEOB’s launch will now be in stages, NASA style. We will cut the ribbon and introduce the premises to special guests and media on Dec 14th, as already arranged. Then we shall have a proper, “thanks, and what next?” event at a date and venue to be advised.

Thanks for your understanding, and we hope to see you in 2017.


Target - £900k
Actual - £628k

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