We buy and convert empty offices into homes for people!

We have a mission – to challenge the pattern of office and commercial buildings standing empty while there is a need for housing, and to promote their use as an efficient alternative to building new homes. These new housing projects will provide secure, affordable housing to people who struggle to find adequate housing through the private and commercial property rental market.

These are some of the people making this happen now:

Tony Crofts


Writer and social campaigning activist, Tony Crofts is a Quaker who founded Stonesfield Community Trust in 1983.

Elinor Kershaw

(Director/Acting Secretary)

Trained in sustainable design, environment and social sustainability, Elinor has worked with several community organisations. She is also a Quaker.

Chris Askew


Chris has over twenty years’ experience, working for local charities, land trusts and community enterprises. He is also involved in local sustainability and poverty action groups.

Jim Kinnaird


Co-founder of Mina Road Housing Co-operative. Now a self-employed gardener, he previously worked for 8 years in the Bristol 1 in 8 Community Centre giving advice on benefits and housing to homeless people.

Xuela Edwards

(Steering Group)

A member of the Institute of Fundraising, Xuela contributes knowledge of charity law, governance and stewardship gained from twenty years’ experience of working with charities in Bristol.

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"Charities say soaring housing rental costs, unhealthy conditions in homes, and rising levels of homelessness mean UK is in violation of UN commitment on homes."
– Guardian,
28 April 2015
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