We buy and convert empty offices into homes for people!

Bristol charity prepares first empty office for refurbishment

Having secured financing from Triodos Bank and engaged Solicitors to complete the transaction, we kicked off work on site with volunteer labour to empty the old offices of its contents.


Many of the items left we were able to sell on EBay to help fund the charity, raising about £400 in the process.

Volunteers cleared the garden and set up the garages so that we could use them as a welfare and site facility.

We then stripped out the interior starting with the plumbing, radiators, electrical systems and mile upon mile of communications cable. Anything that we could re-use or recycle we have done. The garages now have electrical power and light with fittings from the old building, and we used the old kitchen units as well.

At the same time we were having meetings with architects and potential contractors and developed a project plan.

Now the building site for the timber frame extension has been surveyed by our own people and set out with the building profiles, ready for foundation excavation.

AEOB (AEOB House People Ltd) is a Community Benefit Society granted charitable status by HMRC and is a non-profit organisation.


Target - £900k
Actual - £628k

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