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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Contractors start work on AEOB Battens Lane Affordable Housing

Exciting times on the project – our Community work force have done a great job over the last months, stripped the building and set out the building dimensions with a second hand theodolite off eBay (part of ‘upskilling’ our workforce). They also set up the welfare and storage facilities making use of the old garages on site, all with materials recycled out of the old building. Contractors were selected by a tendering process run by our small team.


Contractors installed scaffolding on 6th November, and Archway Construction have already made new window and door openings in the thick stone and old brick walls. In the picture, you can see that we re-finished some of the walls with bricks taken from the demolition. These areas will be visible in the final building intentionally showing some of its history.
Our share offer is still open and we need your investment to continue this good work!

Bristol housing charity closes £425,000 in funding

Today AEOB achieved financial closure of the Triodos Bank facility. This landmark enables us to proceed with placing contracts for the major build work and get on track to turn this building over to tenants in a year. Our potential residents are delighted that we have now a live project with an end date, and affordable, low energy accommodation at the end of it.

AEOB (AEOB House People Ltd) is a Community Benefit Society granted charitable status by HMRC and is a non-profit organisation.

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